Ideas that are readily available as well as many more to choose from or inquire about. 

Each embroidered patch is a different size, and different value. Pricing on embroidery on accessories will vary on how many designs you choose as well as the size. I am more than willing to quote any item or design you have in mind, please feel free to ask any questions. 
  1. Angel/Devil Chicks
  2. Broken Heart
  3. Dagger thru Heart
  4. Heart w/wings multi color
  5. Freak
  6. Gargoyle
  7. Cross w/wings
  8. Chinese/Love
  9. Multiple Skulls
  10. Sassy Lipstick
  11. Skull w/roses
  12. Snake and Skulls
  13. Dagger2 with Roses
  14. Grim Reaper
  15. Triple Skull with roses
The embroidery 1-15 are a good size, therefore there are some duplicates next to a quarter, to show you a realistic idea of how large it truly is.