Sharon's Team Audrey bag completed with butterfly accents, name, metallic paint, and gold shimmer paint to brighten the canvas. This is a large tote, but will normally be made on messenger sized bags

Christy Tote

A tote created with a heart/rose/crystal theme and appeal. Decorated on both sides. Showing back below, has two different colored small crystals, one layer/color of medium sized crystals and last layer to be the original crystal color. All swarovski crystals. Custom made for a gym bag but can be used for an everyday carrying tote.

Sargent Hat(s)

Iron cross design; embroidery patches with "Sargent and the two iron crosses on the back.

Painted dragon with abstract detail. Sargent embroidered on the front bill.

Projects/Artwork for apparel in the making

Drawings that will be graphically enhanced once finished and scanned to computer.. This is one of the designs for apparel.   Below the Angel it says "Posses what Possesses you"

Designs below are coming soon~~~!