Fashion is always "wanted."  With Endimanche', we will try to bring some of the latest fashions with a twist- your customary monogram, embroidery or screen prints. You can travel anywhere, whether it's the store, the mall, a concert, etc and find a piece of fashion you may like, but it can be found on thousands of other individuals. Endimanche' will strive to keep your styles to a minimum. Certain apparel products will be made to a maximum quantity, and once they are gone, they will no longer be reproduced.  This keeps your fashion, and the company, unique with its' mission. This company has been built off of the community of athletes/competitors. These unique individuals are always traveling, packing/storing food items, and hauling equipment and apparel to and from practices, gyms, etc. Bags and carrying totes will be in abundance for those that seek personalized items. It's hard enough to find certain apparel that's appealing or even form-fitting to these particular physiques, therefore, Endimanche' will slowly grow the apparel line in order to accommodate these individuals not only with clothes that fit, but that can be fashionable as well. 

On this site you will find several sub categories of what will be offered, along with contact information for screens/embroideries, prints that can be specifically made. Not everything will be able to fit on the website, therefore, any and all questions can be asked, even if you are unsure. The site will be updated as much as possible, along with products, information on shopping, stock quantity and colors. Please feel free to browse and email with any questions or concerns.

Competitor Pages That I Support

Stacy Wright -IFBB Fitness Pro


Uriah McGee -2009 NPC National Teen Champ/MuscleTech Sponsored Athlete


Thank You Everyone for support and continued business, 
Endimanche' Designs